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 What can I do with these.....

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PostSubject: What can I do with these.....   11th January 2014, 20:53


Having read many cleaning and detailing guides on here and in other places, I tend to mix and match.
So without spending anymore hard earned, what's your opinion on what I have in my arsenal.
In no particular order -

Meguires gold class car wash
Autoglym super resin polish
Primer Amigo
Collinite 476 wax
Blackfire wet diamond
Autoglym extra gloss protection
Zymol carbon wax
Meguires deep paint cleaner
Mould spray. Opps, sorry, that's for the bathroom !!

The reason for the question is will some of these products counteract others?

Your thoughts and experience please.
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PostSubject: Re: What can I do with these.....   11th January 2014, 23:59

It always boils down what you personally feel

I had my JCW professionally detailed which has a Cquartz coating put on

It repels rain and makes it easier to clean

I just jetwash and snowfoam then apply car pro reload

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PostSubject: Re: What can I do with these.....   12th January 2014, 13:14

As Ali said a lot of it is down to trying the products and seeing whats right for you. You have a good selection of products there. It might be worth dropping TK Tom a quick email and asking him. He detailed my JCW and I picked up some great tips off of him. Mine will be going back to him in the Spring to be fully detailed and have a ceramic finish put on it, which my company will be filming.

Don't take it as law but in my opinion to put a small detailing kit together you'll need something like:
1: a cleanse for pre wash. I currently use Waxtec citrus cleanse, which I buy in concentrated form and dilute to a consistency that I need depending on how dirty the car it.
2: A fallout product of some sort. Loads on the market but I use Britemax grimeout for the wheels .Again you can use this neat or dilute it to suit the needs of what your are doing. Cant remember the name of the Fallout stuff.
3: Snow foam - I use Autobrite
4: PH neutral shampoo
5: A Sealant. I use Waxtec, if find this a nice product to use, as it removes any streaks that you have have missed and great if you want to put a nice shine on the car without spending the time of polishing and waxing.
6: A decent polish. I use Britemax Blackmax. Great product and easy to use. It can also be used as a paint cleanse before you wax.
7. The best wax that you can afford. I both have Britemax (£40ish) and Swissvax(Well over £100)

I do have lots (and I mean lots) of other products that I use, but i'm beginning to bore myself whilst writing this. So if you need any help/advice, you can PM me and I'll be happy answer any questions.

Good luck and happy detailing
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PostSubject: Re: What can I do with these.....   

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What can I do with these.....

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