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 Pops & Bangs...

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PostSubject: Re: Pops & Bangs...   20th April 2014, 22:23

It'll only fail an MOT if the emissions are over the prescribed limit, or it's 'excessively noisy' - my brother's R56 S had a challenge exhaust on it and passed no problem, so I can't see taking the resonator out of a standard exhaust causing any bother (and yes, they really are abhorrently loud!)

I was referring to the same principle toward the exhaust removal being the same principle as opposed to how the pops would work, should have made it a bit clearer looking back! Though if you've had the evil software update done - means no pops at app apparently Sad

I've never driven a works countryman or paceman, I fancy a go in one, but I've been told by more than one that the performance is somewhat blunted, and having driven other models of countryman/paceman compared to the hatch, I can well believe it! According to a couple of salesmen from different dealers, they're not that great on fuel either!

I too have mixed feelings on the bucket seats. Having had the Sparco ones (which I must get round to selling!), I do sort of miss them, but also sort of like the ease of the standard seats... I've decided that the best solution is I'd add either the seats and bodykit, or neither. And as I'm still not convinced by the bodykit 6-7yrs since it's release, it looks like no JCW seats for me!
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PostSubject: Re: Pops & Bangs...   22nd April 2014, 15:37

Pops and bangs. I am the master.

You may lose some boot space with a 904cc, Termi clad engine in the back of the Clubman though Wink
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Pops & Bangs...

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