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 Power Folding Mirrors

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PostSubject: Power Folding Mirrors   28th July 2017, 19:56

Has anyone retro fitted Power Folding Mirrors ? If so how easy is it and is it worth buying ?
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Club & Forum Manager: Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Power Folding Mirrors   28th July 2017, 23:00

I remember someone else looking into this and it was expensive and not worth it..

"Life's too short not to!!"
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George W


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PostSubject: Re: Power Folding Mirrors   29th July 2017, 15:23

Hi Mickey, it can be done, although a bit of a faff. MiniStuff has a kit for £295 or so. That doesn't seem to give you the functionality of the mirrors on the adjustment switch, as per OEM. I assume you would have to mount the new switch somewhere in the dash.

To do it, you would need the motor, wiring, switchgear, control module and any extra bracketing of the system, which could be found on a scrapped car. There might be an issue with getting power run from the main loom into the new set of wiring. It could be like Ford systems, which normally have one loom with everything ready, and the extra options are just plug and play. Or alternatively, the loom might need splicing and hacking.

It could need coding to the car too, I'm not overly familiar with how those systems were validated from the factory, apologies!

You'd need to strip down the drivers door card to replace the switch,and install the loom, plus remove the trim and housing for the mirror replacement. My car is nearly ten years old and find that plastic mounts and brackets get brittle and snap easily, it doesn't help I have fists of ham!
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PostSubject: Re: Power Folding Mirrors   3rd August 2017, 21:44

On a first gen, the fold button is between the seats and separate to the adjustment knob. It's a small round silver blob, so if you buy a new mirror adjust switch, you may easily be able to use the correct switch - it's a complete unit with individual sockets underneath for each part. There's a maximum of 5 switches - 2 for heated seats, 1 for mirror glass adjust, 1 for left or right and the small round button for folding.

Worth asking Mikey and NewMiniStuff as he will now all about it and the potential options.
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PostSubject: Re: Power Folding Mirrors   

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Power Folding Mirrors

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